My favorite product is the Bainbridge turnout, but also own and LOVE the Madrid, the fleece mesh cooler, the older color block coolers, and the action fly sheet. The first Eous item I bought was a two tone brown cooler ( years ago) simply because it was a size 90. My horse wears an 87 if he's having a skinny day, and all of your products fit him so well, and cover the way they are supposed to, that's why my horse only wears Eous. Would love to see you make breeches, because your designs for horse blankets are great, and make sense, I'd love to see what creativity you would bring to breeches!

Shannon Vandenberg, 2015
Bea 1


1. What is your favorite EOUS product and why? My favorite product that I currently own is the Mesh Fleece Cooler. I am just in love with how fast is dries my big boy and how amazing he looks in it! It is made very well, and fits very good as well.

2. What made you choose and EOUS product over another brand? I chose EOUS over the other brands first by the price, no one can beat the prices coupled with the quality you guys offer. I also have not seen another cooler that offers both mesh and fleece.

3. What other products would you like to see EOUS carry in the future? I would love to see some more Western Items! I only ride Western so to be able to shop for Western items from you guys would be amazing!!

Chelsea Polen, 2015

What is my favorite Eous product and why? I love your pumpkin All Purpose pad, pumpkin Eous Brighton stretch vest and the pumpkin Polo wraps. The All Purpose pad fits my horse beautifully and offers him a nice nonslip texture against his skin. The Brighton stretch vest is the most comfortable and flattering vest I have ever worn. The Polo wraps complete the overall look on my horse and we get complements everytime we wear our Eous Pumpkin attire! Kudos on the awesome color choice Eous!

What made you choose Eous product over any other brand? I choose Eous over any other brand because they offer high quality products at an affordable price.

What other products would you like to see Eous carry in the future? I think it would be awesome if Eous carried Full Seat breeches. I'd like to see more color choices in the tech shirts as well. My horse would love brighter colors in the winter blankets you have to offer. My black horse in a black blanket could be mistaken for a black bear during hunting season. Overall Eous, you guys rock and I love your products!

Jennifer Luther, 2015
Two years ago I bought an Eous jacket. I was impressed by the material quality and stitching as well as the price. It fit well and was the right weight for our winter climate. Two years later this jacket still looks good. Since then I have purchased other Eous products. Last year I tried two horse turnouts, one a Banbridge Style which fit my broad chested quarter horse well, the other the more traditional style which suited my OTTT/Jumper turned dressage horse. Both were worn all winter then sent off for cleaning. Both still look new. My newest Eous purchases are more turnouts for the other horses and two sheepskin lined girths that I expect to like just as much as my earlier buys!

Deborah Okeefe, Arizona, 2015

A letter regarding my horses in those terrific blankets (they are wearing them now, Spring rain):

My horses roll in their shavings, those blankets don't budge, great job. Great product. It's an honor to have our horses used as models for these great blankets.

Thanks, keep well, Bea.

This is a Horseblanket.com customer, and she sent us these great photos of her and her husband’s Percheron Drafts in EOUS Apollo blankets!

Bea 1 Bea 2 Bea 3


I recently attended a ride on a weekend where the temp. was 48 degrees and lots of rain and wind. My horse stood tied to a picket line in the storm and remained warm and dry kept that way with his Aethon Blanket.

Rick Nelson
Pres. of UMECRA (Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association)


I just got my fly sheets!! I love them!!! They fit so nice and are of such great quality!! I love the higher neck set, it really stays put and doesn't put so much pressure on the shoulders.

I would also like to point out the sales people, they are so kind and very educated on the products!

I don't know if this is "proper" to point out, but I really enjoy your catalogs too! The people in the photos are "normal" people and not the stick people you see in so many other magazines --it really suits the products seeing them modeled like that. :)

Thank you for Arizona!



I love the Jacket, and the blanket is great. It fits perfect and feels like excellent quality. My horse loved it as well and I could see in his eyes that he felt very special with the new blanket.

He usually is outside all winter long, but this winter I decided to stable him and blanket him, so I can clip him partially. I wand to keep working with him over the winter and with long fur, it takes hours to dry him off).

So, I wanted to thank you for the great quality stuff you have. I will tell everybody in the barn and recommend you guys and the EOUS brand.

I am very, very satisfied (and that does not happen very often, when I order on-line)).

Thank you, Gretje from Indiana

Classic Saddlery Team


I got the new blanket a few days ago JUST in time for the cold weather! Thanks SO much. I absolutely LOVE the blanket. The workmanship, fabric, and COLOR are great!!!

- Christine McElmurry, owner
Transitions Equestrian Boutique, LLC


(The jackets) were perfect for the rainy, windy weekend of the competition and will be great for riding and wearing elsewhere.

The jackets are top quality.

- Sandy Kantor


I love the style. We received many compliments and were definitely the best dressed team at the competition!

- Amy Minde


Not only did (the jackets) provide comfort and warmth, I received many comments on how great they looked.

- Sharon Rinkenbach-Grauer


It was a great surprise to not only receive a jacket, but one of such fine quality.

The best part was; this is the first riding jacket I have worn that was comfortable and kept me 100% DRY.

I look forward to purchasing your outstanding products in the future.

- Raine Clark- Condick


The weather of our team event was wild- the jackets could not have been more appropriate.

- Michelle & Karona


Thank you so much for the gorgeous jacket! I have had so many compliments on it also. I love the color! I wear mine all over, not just at horse activities.

- Kathy Keating


Thank you so much for the great jackets. The LVDA was the talk of the show. We really appreciate your support.

- The LVDA Adult Team committee & Team members


I am a dressage rider from CT but near NY State. When training in Germany in March I came across the perfect saddle pad for my Devoucoux dressage saddle, which has the billet straps at the end of the saddle pad. But I wasn't able to buy them while there.

I told the story to Natasha Tarasov of The Horse Connection in Bedford Village, Bedford, NY and she said �C "I have just the pad for you!", and showed me your EOUS Technical Pad. True to promise it stayed on my horse without slipping back. So I bought 4 more and then other people from my barn started going to the Horse Connection and buying it too!

Many, many thanks, again, for the fine saddle pads. I now have to label all mine to not get them confused with those owned by my fellow riders! I wash them each time they are used and they have maintained their size and shape despite the repeated washings (and one accidental turn in the drier!)

Kind regards, Theresa Davidson

The Horse Connection in Bedford Village

38 Village Green
Bedford, NY 10506