EOUS is proud to support, and honored to be involved with a select group of organizations, riders, and events. Please follow the links below to view our sponsorships.


EOUS is proud to be involved with these fine organizations.


At Equisupplies we are looking to help support talented individuals that are excelling in their sport and striving to accomplish even higher goals. We are looking for various types of riding disciplines and riders at various levels. That includes both amateur and professional individuals.

For example riders could be:

  1. Showing at "A" or Rated shows.
  2. Participating at multiple shows a year
  3. Placing well in classes and/or divisions
  4. Possibly qualifying for year end awards at "A" or Rated shows

Please send a Bio or Resume with description of your riding history, your accomplishments and what goals you are striving to achieve. Include email or a phone number so we are able to contact you. Send to Dawn@Equisupplies.com or fax to #480.829.0233.


If you have an event or your an organization that would like to have EOUS as a sponsor, please contact our office for further details.