Fabric Styles

Cotton is a natural fabric. It is very absorbent and lightweight. We use high quality cotton for increased breathability, softness and shrink resistance.

Fleece is a soft synthetic pile fabric. Fleece wicks away moisture from your horse, while providing warmth with minimal weight.

A smooth, silky synthetic fabric. Resilient and strong. Polishes your horses coat for a flat, shiny appearance. It will also reduce friction between your horse and the blanket.

Ballistic Nylon:
This type of nylon's weave is extremely tight, strong and durable. Ours is also very soft, flexible and amazingly lightweight.

Nylon Dobby: (P.U. Coating)
A nylon fiber that has a jacquard construction and woven.

Nylon Taslan: (P.U. Coating)
A nylon fiber that is soft, lightweight and waterproof.

Polyester is a synthetic fabric. It is very strong-resisting shrinking, stretching and ripping. It holds up well to the weather and is extremely long lasting.

Microfiber Peachskin: (P.U. coating)
A microfiber that has a brushed surface to create a softer feel.

Moss Microfiber: (P.U. Coating)
Microfiber Peachskin that is processed further to make it even softer.

Ripstop is referring to a strong, lightweight nylon strand woven into fabric at regular intervals in both directions. This keeps the fabric from increased damage. Rips, tears and holes are controlled.

P.U. Coating:
This stands for polyurethane coating. There are various levels of this type of treatment. We use the highest grade for durability, higher breathability and waterproofing. Several methods are commonly used in blankets and most will inhibit breathability by sealing the fabric. The method used in our blankets leaves them extremely breathable and yet they completely seal the weather out. It is several times higher than the industry standard.

Our fabric will allow 2 liters of water vapor, or sweat, per square meter per hour to escape.

Ours fabric will also withstand a 3000mm stream of water before the fabric will start to soak through little by little.

This is describing the threads thickness that is used to create the fabric. A lower number implies a thinner fabric. A higher number suggests increased durability. This is, however, just one factor in a blankets durability- the strength is also affected by the material itself and the pattern, like ripstop. Our 600D blankets are stronger for that reason.

A lightweight polyester fiber processed to create a random arrangement to maximize space to trap air and warm it.

Charcoal Bamboo:
Organic materials that are naturally stain and static resistant as well as anti- microbial and bacterial. Naturally odor resistant and highly breathable. There is also a ceramic thread that helps regulate temperature.

X-Static Silver fiber is permanently bonded to the thread so it never looses effectiveness or washes out. All natural, Antimicrobial, Anti-odor, Anti-static, Temperature regulating, Anti-bacterial and fungal.